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Investment Opportunites

The following are a list of high-return investment opportunities currently available.  Due to the nature of the information it will not be published on this site, however feel free to select the opportunities that sound interesting and you will be forwarded the proposals via e-mail for your review.

Commercial Space
Buy or lease commercial space.
Golf Gated Community Under Construction
Buy a block of buildings at wholesale from the developer, then flip for a profit.
Gated Condo Community at Pre-Construction Prices for 30% ROI
Flip these units that are anticipated to appreciate another 25% in the next 12 months. Have already appreciated approx 9% since early summer. Get in now and ride the wave.
Beachside Gated Community Under Construction
20 minutes from Punta Cana International Airport and 300 meters from the beach. Great flip opportunity.
Commercial Shopping Plaza
70%+ ROI near 8 hotels, including 3 currently under construction. Get in before prices skyrocket.
Partner with land owners to develop.
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