Feliz Año Nuevo! Happy New Year! Bonne Année!  Buon Anno! Ein glückliches neues Jahr!


First of all, we would like to thank you for staying with DR4Sale for another year. We deeply appreciate your loyalty and look forward to another successful and prosperous year for all. 







As 2010 rolls in, DR4Sale is eager to continue renting properties at the same pace as December. We have been booking properties at a record pace, ensuring that all of our owners profit from good tenants, daily use of their properties and rental income. To cope with the demand, we have expanded our rental team. DR4Sale is pleased to welcome Peter Reilly as a Rental and Sales Agent. In just 2 short months, he has quickly grasped the rental market and made it his own. Providing quick and thorough service to our clients, Peter ensures every potential tenant finds the property they seek.





DR4Sale is proud to announce that Adriana Papadia has rejoined its team. Shortly after the December newsletter was published, Adriana came back to DR4Sale to help our  Property Manager Julia Carpio with all rental check ins and check outs as well as Rentals and Sales. Please join us in welcoming Adriana back to DR4Sale.




Sadly, many condos were victim of theft during the holiday period. Our DR4Sale owners have been fortunate not be impacted, but once again, this brings up the importance of changing locks regularly, installing pins in all sliding glass doors and windows, and adding a safety deposit box for all valuables (see below). Contact our Property Manager today for more information on these great safety measures.





Safety deposit boxes are the best way to provide your client with peace of mind and an enjoyable holiday. A small investment of US $115 from you can ensure every tenant feels comfortable in your property. We have had tenants turn down rental properties for not having a safety deposit in which to keep valuables such as money, keys, cameras, cellular telephones and passports. If you have not yet added this imperative item to your property, act now. This price includes the cost of the safe, our shopping time and the installation of the safe in the location of your choice in your property. Contact our Property Manager today at propmgmt.dr4sale@gmail.com.


 Short-term rentals, defined as a period less than 3 months, are proving to be a great source of higher income for owners. Pricing has been increasing slowly in this respect. Here are some average rental prices for a week-long rental:


§  Playa Turquesa 1BR for US $1,000/wk and 2BR for US $1,500/wk

§  Stanza Mare 1BR for US $900/wk and 2BR for US $1,200/wk

§  Palm Suites 1BR for US $600/wk, 2BR for US $800/wk and 3BR for US $1,000/wk

§  El Dorado 1BR for US $500/wk and 2BR for US $800/wk

§  Mar de Corales II 3BR for US $900/wk




Until next time, let’s keep working together for a bright and successful rental future!