February is a great rental month! Since last summer, we have been receiving inquiries for the shortest month of the year. Most properties are already rented. This goes to show that business is going well and that rental inquiries and reservations are on the rise. 



With the New Year, some of you have asked for more direct answers to your questions and concerns. We are making a firm resolution to be more forthcoming with our advice and feedback to guarantee you, our valued Owners, transparent management of your property. We are striving to provide you stronger, more confident direction, which ensures greater return on your investment. We are not perfect and incidents happen. However in order to reduce the likelihood of problems, we wish to give you more definitive answers through our research and valuable experience. If you have any ideas or preferences on how we can ensure 2010 is the best possible rental year for all, please forward them to our Property Manager at propmgmt.dr4sale@gmailcom.




Great news! After much anticipation, the community of Playa Turquesa is now in full swing! With high demand for rental properties, Playa Turquesa is the talk of the town. As an Owner in Playa Turquesa or a nearby community, you should hopefully see rental pricing improve slightly as the Playa Turquesa establishes itself as a premier quality condo complex. Check out our Featured Community page on Playa Turquesa to see what the entire buzz is about.




Spielcom is now offering internet service at a velocity of 1.5MB via their cable lines. If you add Internet Service to your property, you can greatly increase your rental income. Many tenants are now requiring Internet access in order to rent a property. With Spielcom, you can obtain the Internet for a cost of RD $2,000/month and the cable for RD $560/month. The installation is free for the Internet, whereas the cable costs RD $986 to install plus the first month’s service (RD $560).


If you are not interested in changing your cable supplier, then you can simply add Internet access to your property with TriCom. This company allows you to buy a modem for RD $2,560. You then have the option of choosing a velocity between 400Kbps/128Kbps (RD $950/month + taxes) and 400Kbps/400Kbps (RD $2,750/month + taxes). On your first month’s invoice, you will also see a RD $1,000 charge for installation. The TriCom service is activated immediately and readily available for your tenants today.


With either option, DR4Sale charges a service fee of US $75 for the Internet installation service. Contact our Property Manager via email today for more information at propmgmt.dr4sale@gmail.com.




DR4Sale works hard to establish and recommend realistic rental prices. We strive to be honest, up-front and professional when promoting your property at a true market rate to find quality tenants in the quickest possible time frame to avoid lengthy vacancy periods. How do we determine rental pricing? To establish a viable daily, weekly or monthly rate, DR4Sale appraises the value of the property in the same way that one would when evaluating properties for sale. We use the following factors: the features of the property, the location of the property, comparative analysis with similar properties currently on the rental market, supply and demand as well as the current rental market base from which one hopes to identify a tenant.





Internet has become the most requested feature so far during the high season with all rental inquiries. As there are no telephones in the rental properties in the Dominican Republic, the availability of an Internet service becomes crucial for the vast majority of clients. DR4Sale has found an affordable solution which will further entice clients to make reservations. Tri Com has a wireless modem which provides internet service at a various service speeds. Ask a DR4Sale agent today for more information.





Until next time, let’s keep working together for a bright and successful rental future!