US - DR Relationship

The U.S. has a strong interest in a democratic, stable, and economically healthy Dominican Republic. The country’s standing as the largest Caribbean economy, second-largest country in terms of population and land mass, large bilateral trade with the United States, and its proximity to the United States and other smaller Caribbean nations make the Dominican Republic an important partner in hemispheric affairs. The U.S. embassy estimates that 60,000 U.S. citizens live in the Dominican Republic, many are dual nationals, while more than 1 million Dominicans reside in the United States, mostly in the metropolitan Northeast

U.S. relations with the Dominican Republic are excellent, and the U.S. has been an outspoken supporter of the country's democratic and economic development. The Dominican Government has been supportive of many U.S. initiatives in the United Nations and related agencies. The two governments cooperate in the fight against the traffic in illegal substances. The Dominican Republic has worked closely with U.S. law enforcement officials on issues such as extraditions of fugitives, reducing illegal migration, and the return of stolen cars to the United States.

The United States supports the current administration's efforts to improve Dominican competitiveness, increase foreign private investment, fight corruption, and modernize the tax system. Bilateral trade is important to both countries, and U.S. firms--mostly manufacturers of apparel, footwear, and light electronics--account for much of the foreign private investment in the Dominican Republic.

U.S. exports to the Dominican Republic in 2003 totaled $4.2 billion. The Dominican Republic exported $4.4 million to the U.S. in 2003, equaling some 87% of its export revenues. The U.S. embassy works closely with U.S. business firms and Dominican trade groups, both of which can take advantage of the new opportunities in this growing market. At the same time the embassy is working with the Dominican government to resolve outstanding business disputes from previous administrations.

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Why the Dominican Republic?

1) Quality of life. It's a good place to live and raise a family.
2) Geographically located near major trade markets in the center of the Americas.
3) Well organized business community.
4) It's got great weather.
5) Abundant non-skilled work force of earnest and fast-learning young people.
6) Abundant qualified managerial staff available.
7) It has a large domestic market.
8) Political stability.
9) Excellent telecommunications service.
10) Diversity of investment opportunities
11) Low crime rate.
12) Positive attitude towards foreigners and foreign investors.
13) Fastest growing economy in Latin America for the past five years.
14) It has the largest tourism industry in the Caribbean which is a large export market within the country.
15) Preferential trade agreements signed with Europe, the United States, the Caribbean and Central America.
16) DR is a true melting pot with little racial tensions.