Lava Cama is the next region on the East coast of the Dominican Republic to be developed into a tourist mecca. Almost all of the beachfront land in Uvero Alto is SOLD OUT!! Lava Cama is where the developers are buying now. If you have ever thought about investing in beach front property in the Caribbean, the time is now!!

2 years ago, beachfront lots in Uvero Alto were selling for US $50/m2. Now those same lots are selling for US $200/m2. This growth was anchored by the success of the Dreams, Excellence, and Sirenis resorts.

There are now numerous residential communities currently under construction in Uvero Alto along with many new commercial and dining offerings. Several golf courses are also planned for the area. The new highway to Uvero Alto is projected to be completed by late 2009.

The last 5-star hotel resort in northern Uvero Alto is the Sivory. The Sivory serves exclusive clientele, many of whom take a helicopter from the airport to the resort. Right next to the Sivory is the new boutique hotel . The very next bay is Lava Cama.

Land can be purchased right now for about US $50/m2. We have lots that range anywhere in size from 15,000 m2 and up. 4,048 m2 is equal to 1 acre. All lots that we offer have clear title which can also be verified and insured by US title insurance leader Stewart . This provides 100% protection for your investment from any previous liens, claims, or litigation.

You hold the actual title for any real estate purchase that you make whether you are a Dominican national or an ex-patriot. Your title can be passed along to all of your future generations if you desire.

This is not a 99 year lease like in other countries!!

The value of this land will soar over the next 2-3 years. You will easily double your money in the 1st 18 months. In 3 years, you should expect to have your land on the market for no less than $200/m2!!

In the future, you will have many options for your tropical nest egg. You might decide to build your dream home in the Caribbean or personally develop a beachfront community. Perhaps you will partner with a developer who can handle the actual construction while you share in the profits. And you might simply decide to sell your land and take your profits of 100%, 200%, or more to the bank!!