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Centro Educativo de Nazarette
Location: Friusa, Bavaro - Punta Cana

When you are planning what you will be buying for your loved ones this holiday season I would like you to consider buying something for a local Dominican school. The school now has 300 students in just 4 classrooms and with only 2 toilets and 1 sink in each bathroom. We need large ceiling fans for 2 rooms and new sports equipment as well as laptops for the school. Tricom provides free internet and having a laptop, new or used, would really help bring the world into the classroom. Shoes are always in demand as some share theirs with a sibling so they go to school at different times. Students go to school either from 8:30-12 with a 30 min. recess, or 2-5pm, so time spent studying is limited. We started building a second floor in April thanks to a generous donation from an American couple, but we need more support in order to build the the roof and get carpentry and finish work done. The government provides milk and juice once a day to each session but no food. No books, desks, materials nor teachers salaries are provided by the government. Neri, the principal received her teaching degree in May and is on a waiting list to be paid $200 a month, but who knows when that will happen? The tuition is 200 Dominican pesos per month and many families can not afford the $5 but Neri allows the children to attend anyway. We hope to receive more government support, but it hasn't yet passed any of the votes. If you would like to make a donation either in cash or items please let us know. Should you wish to make a cash donation please know the school is not a registered non-profit, but we are happy to verify the use of any donation with receipts and photos. For those of who have already invested in property in the Dominican Republic please also think about investing in a child's future. Some of you have already helped by donating items and even toured the school and for that I, the students and teachers are most thankful! We can't do it alone but with help WE all can make it better for 300 students who want to learn and lead better lives!

Remax Tropical Punta Cana Real Estate Charity Remax Tropical Punta Cana Real Estate Charity

Remax Tropical Punta Cana Real Estate Charity REMAX Tropical Punta Cana Real Estate Charity