Bayahíbe is a fishing village of the Dominican Republic, located east of La Romana on the Caribbean Sea coast, It is a tourist city on the Caribbean coast of the Dominican Republic. It is known for its sandy beaches and its sites for diving. The public beach of Bayahibe has a starting point for boats. The Dominicus beach is a long stretch of sand and coral reefs. To the east, the main section of the Eastern National Park is full of caves, some with ancient art on rocks. Saona Island has beaches and reefs with diverse marine fauna.


Nowadays, Bayahibe has set aside fishing as the first activity to dedicate itself fully to the tourism industry. As of the year 1990, organized excursions to the National Park of the East began, which departed from the town and logically the boats were navigated by the inhabitants of the place. The arrival of the big hotels diversified the activities of the population, which largely already work in the hotel zone or have businesses related to the visits that the tourists of the hotels regularly make in the picturesque town.


The National Park of the East

The National Park of the East has a surface area of 420 km2 covering a large part of the procurrent that enters the sea from Boca de Yuma and Bayahibe in the municipality of San Rafael del Yuma, La Altagracia province, in the extreme southeast of the country. It includes two territorial units: one peninsular, located on the mainland and of trapezoidal shape with an extension of 310 Km2 that extends from the vicinity of Bayahíbe to Boca de Yuma, with a width of 25 km in the northern part and 11 km in the south coast. The National Park of the East also includes Saona Island, located to the south of the peninsular area and separated from it by the Catuano channel of 6,250 meters wide between Punta Aljibe and Punta Balajú and 1,250 meters between Punta Catuano and Punta Sur de the Bay of the Boilers. The Saona Island has a territorial area of 110 km2 presenting an elongated shape with a length of 22 km from east to west and from 5 to 6 km in average width.

Bayahibe Racing Buggy Double

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It is located in the Dominican Republic, specifically in the province of La Altagracia, with a goegraph location in coordinates 18 ° 22'00 "N 68 ° 50'00", with distances 138 km to Santo Domingo and 25 km to La Romana